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I'd like to invite you to visit us. Not just on the web, but in person.  And I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  Look around here, find out who we are, then come and visit us.  Love to see you!  The address to plug into your GPS is:

1640 SW 61st Ave
North Lauderdale, FL  33068

If you do not have a GPS (I don't have one, either), then let's show you exactly where we are.  Click here.

- Pastor Jeff Snyder
 Broadview Baptist Church
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See information toward the bottom of this page about Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, an independent Bible-based Spanish Baptist church which meets on our campus.

Broadview Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental Baptist church. We are located one block south of McNab, one block west of US 441 and 17th Street, on 61st Avenue near the Army-Navy Store. Our church is basically a country church that happens to be in the city.

You'll find all the warmth and friendliness with a personal touch that our church has to offer, conveniently located here in the greater Fort Lauderdale metro area.                     

You can reach us by phone at 954-972-2603. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Or you can contact us at our e-mail address on our contact page.  Click here to go to the Contact page.

You are invited to our services where you'll have an opportunity to hear messages straight from God's Word, and music that helps make the worship experience complete.

Look here for more information about our youth ministry, our Sunday Bible Study ministry, and other opportunities for fellowship and worship here at Broadview Baptist Church.

Our Service Schedule:

Sunday School      9:45 AM
Morning Worship11:00 AM
Evening Service  6:00 PM
Wednesday PM  7:00 PM
L'Chaim Fellowship As Scheduled

L'Chaim Fellowship

Every three months, we meet together in the fellowship hall at Broadview for an informal meeting with Dr. Peter Colón, with Friends of Israel here in Deerfield Beach.  Dr. Colón has dedicated his life to Jewish study and history.  He has been on several archaeological digs in the Holy Land, and recently visited Israel to help Israel promote awareness of the Holocaust here in America.

The sessions are geared to the interest of the Jewish listener, and have two parts.  The first part is a presentation, usually multi-media.  The second part is an informal question and answer session iwith Dr. Colón.  Anyone with an interest in learning more about Israel and her people are encouraged to attend.  Admission is free, and breakfast-type refreshments will be provided. 

Each session begins on a Saturday morning at 10 am and ends at 12 noon.  L'Chaim!

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel is an independent, fundamental Baptist Spanish church that meets on the campus of Broadview Baptist Church.  Sunday services meet in the church auditorium on Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday Evening prayer meeting takes place in Broadview's Annex building.

La Iglesia Bautista Emanuel es una iglesia hispana independiente fundamental que usa la Biblia como autoridad y guía. Nos reunimos en la propiedad de la Iglesia Bautista de Broadview localizada en el 1640 S. W. 61 Avenida, North Lauderdale, FL 33068.

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel's Service Schedule:
Horario de los servicios:

       Servicios   Hora   Lugar
  Escuela Dominical       2:00 PM    Auditorio 
  Adoración-Predicación 3:00 PM    Auditorio 
  Estudios Bíblicos y Oración   7:30 PM      Anexo

Pastor Dave Toro pastors Iglesia Bautista Emanuel.  He is a church planter with many years of experience pastoring churches in both Chile and Australia.  He preaches messages straight from God's Word in a way that involves the listener. 

El Pastor David Toro, como misionero, ha fundado iglesias en Chile, América del Sur, y en Australia. El Pastor Toro transmite sus mensajes y prédicas directamente desde la Palabra del Señor en una manera que atrae realmente la atención de su audiencia. 

Los servicios de los domingos se llevan a cabo en el auditorio de la iglesia. Tenemos también estudios bíblicos y oración los miércoles por la noche en el anexo localizado detrás de la iglesia principal.

Le invitamos cordialmente a nuestros servicios en el nombre de nuestro Señor Jesús Cristo!

You are invited in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to come visit the services of Iglesia Bautista Emanuel!